"Maa, I Have Become A Collector" launched in Temple Town

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 "You dream. And be mad for your dream to make it real": Patil

Bhubaneswar: The CEO and Director of Employment, Odisha and Skill Development Authority Rajesh Patil launched the English version of his book "Maa, I Have Become A Collector" in Bhubaneswar at 8th KLF corner in association with Oxford Bookstore and HarperCollins Publication, India

Kalinga Literary Festival's monthly community meet KLF Corner hosted the launch of the book "Maa, I Have Become A Collector" of the Civil Servant turned author Rajesh Patil in association with Harper Collins Publications, India and Oxford Bookstores, India. After the luanching of the book there is an one-to-one interaction session with inspiring writer, administrator Rajesh Patil . It was moderated by Debashish Samantaray of team KLF.  And today, a big mass of temple city Bhubaneswar was crowded to meet him and listen to his inspirational story of his journey with a treat of the release of his "life breathing" book. Stepping inside the venue, Mr. Patil was warmly welcomed by his fans and Shri Jagdish Behera, the managing head of Oxford Bookstore, Bhubaneswar felicitated him.

The author who wanted to narrate his story to the world about his ups and downs and threads of failures and eventual success said, "You dream. And be mad for your dream to make it real."

Further, he added We all have stories, stories of aspirations. And how we achieve it, depends on our personality. The situation I have survived through have made me look at life from a shining perspective. My childhood was exactly like any other child's. But thoughts like how to change the worst to best was touching me. I knew I was born to do something extraordinary. "I am a civil servant who is managing to write. Work keeps me going, writing is the other part. At this point of time, it isn't my identity. Might be so in future. My father wasn't very closely involved with me, hence, the title of the book has the word 'Maa' in it," said Patil.

The corner marked the difficulties of child labour, the gender bias in provisions and the the hardships pf the marginalised. With its first exploration of the plethora of civil service, KLF Corner boosted its responsibility of festering intellect within the society. Mr. Patil said that the heartiest acceptance of his first book has invited him to write more with the flow.

The session was hosted and moderated by Shri Debasish Samantaray, Convenor of Kalinga Literary Festival, and co-ordinated by Saranya Das, Debamitra Mishra of the team Kalinga Literary Festival.